On April First ….   This news from Movie Cultist Since its announcement in 2005, the upcoming live-action Star Wars TV series has been lacking in details — a tease here, a casting rumor there, but no solid information. Until now.

Rick McCallum, who’s producing the show with George Lucas (as he did on The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles), participated in a PGA-sponsored panel discussion held yesterday in San Francisco on African-American Voices in Film. (McCallum was invited because he’s currently working with Lucas on Red Tails, a movie about the World War II Tuskagee Airmen.) A friend of ours attended, and afterward he went up to introduce himself to McCallum and ask him about the rumored Red Tails reshoots.

Apparently McCallum gave him the whole, “it’s a process, but it’s shaping up well” non-answer. So our friend asked whether the Star Wars series was still coming along, and I guess this is why it never hurts to ask, because McCallum gave him a heck of an answer:

McCallum: “Great, George just gave us a new title.”

Friend: “What is it?”

McCallum (laughs): “Looks like it’s going to be Star Wars: Outer Rim.”

So. Star Wars: Outer Rim? “The Outer Rim” is the name of the territory in the Star Wars galaxy that contains Tatooine, Hoth, Dagobah, and a number of other familiar places. According to Wikipedia, the area “became a breeding ground for criminals” due to its “isolation from other worlds” — which fits with what we already heard about the project, namely that it might be about a family of bounty hunters and would not directly deal with the Jedi or the workings of the Empire.

The series will definitely take place between Episodes III and IV, though, and the Death Star was originally constructed to reign in the Outer Rim planets…so I have a feeling the gradual encroachment of the Empire will be part of the series. That’s just my conjecture, though.

McCallum has previously said that the series would go on for one hundred episodes, but later explained that the plan was to have it spin-off several series and keep things going for years. Let’s just hope they get on with it soon!

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