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John Edwards to write Star Wars TV show?

by Aaron Asadi
Rumours are whizzing around that the highly-anticipated Star Wars TV show now has its first writers attached. Currently, the favourite to be announced as one the TV series’ scribes is Australian TV producer and writer, John Edwards. If appointed, Edwards, who has been responsible for a clutch of successful domestic shows, including Out Of The Blue and Fireflies, will likely find himself under intense scrutiny from the most dedicated fanbase in the world.

Shooting in Australia

Bib Fortuna, Boba Fett, General Papanoida, a Mandalorian and two Rebels with last names Naberre and Durron

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Dutchess of Mandalore

Oh beautiful damsel in distress, but not! Echoes of Leia in this love interest for Obi Wan. Such a shame she and her Mandalorian peace must fall to Pre Vizla, obvious pre-visual jet-pack asset for any live action Mandalorian armor.

Mandalore itself, an enclosed city of glass is a good test for Aldaranian architecture.

Star Warsz Live Action TV Show Rumours

Star Wars Television Show Rumours

The most up-to-date rumours start with the location. As of now it seems that Australia has been set as the country where the majority of filming will take place. An Australian casting firm has apparently started preliminary searches for suitable actors for the highly anticipated series. Production was originally thought to be started in 2009 but has since been pushed into 2010 with a 2011 release suggested by Lucas.

Story Ideas And Recurring Characters

Daniel Logan, who portrayed Boba Fett in Attack of the Clones, may be resuming his role as Fett at the request of Lucas himself. Ian McDiarmid and Peter Mayhew have apparently expressed interest in reprising their respective roles as Emperor Palpatine and Chewbacca. This may not be true as Lucas has stated that major characters will be heard about but not seen. If that statement is correct that would leave both actors out of production.

Sam Witner, who modeled and acted as Galen Marek for the Star Wars: Force Unleashed game, has been mentioned in casting rumours and may even be asked to continue his role as Marek. That would be difficult as Marek’s story apparently starts and ends in the span of the game. Jay Laga’aia, who played Captain Typho in episodes two and three, has also been mentioned as a possible returnee, but not necessarily in the same role.

Bib Fortuna, Boba Fett, General Papanoida, a Mandalorian and two Rebels with last names Naberre and Durron are all confirmed as characters involved in the upcoming series.

Some story ideas and plots twist have also been set for the television show. The Death Star plans will be a major plot moving device with pod racing also being showcased. Elements of the Force Unleashed universe may also be used. There are hopes that the series will run up to 400 episodes but those numbers are very loose.

Star Wars Production Involvement

The usual suspects will most likely round out the leads on production. Preliminary reports suggest that Lucas will direct the first season and then hand the reigns of the series over to a capable replacement. Rick McCallum will most likely produce and even composer John Williams’ name has been connected to the series. Whatever the result, the series will be in good hands.

Many details are, as of yet, unsubstantiated as Lucas keeps his secrets close to home.

After making the announcement that a series was underway Lucas had this to say.

“That’ll give you all something to think about.”