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Star Wars: Live Action Music News
STAR Wars is coming to WA. Music for a massive TV series of the popular space opera will be recorded in Perth by a local orchestra.
The movers and shakers behind the initiative are tight-lipped, but Perthnow has learned the deal will be announced in November.
World-renowned scoring mixer Malcolm Luker is the project’s driving force.
Mr Luker has worked on many big-budget Hollywood productions, including Shrek the Third, Team America: World Police, and Black Hawk Down.
“As far as any Star Wars announcement is concerned, that would come from Lucasfilm,” he said.
“We’re not at liberty to discuss that right now.”
Perthnow has discovered planning for the Star Wars work is well-advanced: Mr Luker’s company Rook Park has received substantial State Government support.
A spokesman for caretaker Industry and Enterprise Minister Fran Logan said the Government has been developing an opportunity to establish a film scoring and mixing studio in WA.
“The Government has made available an industry assistance program worth up to $300,000,” the spokesman said.
Mr Luker’s musicians are the WA Philharmonic Orchestra, a collection of around half a dozen local musicians and 50 more from interstate.
They will record the music for the Star Wars TV series either in the State Government-funded new studio or at the ABC in East Perth.
Mr Luker said his State Government money is being used to buy microphone stands, headphones and lighting for the studio, which will be in Mt Lawley.
The TV series, which could have 400 half-hour episodes, will be made at Fox Studios in Sydney.
Mr Luker said the Philharmonic usually used the same principal players.
“We just did Body of Lies with Russell Crowe and Leonardo Di Caprio. That’s due out in October,” he said.
“And we did Helen 123 with John Travolta and Denzel Washington earlier this year.”
Mr Luker first asked the WA Symphony Orchestra to record the Star Wars music when he was trying to get the project off the ground.
“We were approached, but we didn’t have the time to do it,” said WASO chief executive officer Keith Venning.
“We are committed to our own program of opera, ballet and main stage performances.”


Five storylines we’d like to see in the Star Wars TV show

by Aaron Asadi

The Force only knows when we’ll eventually see Lucas’ highly-anticipated TV spin-off of Star Wars, so in the meantime we’ve compiled a list of the five storylines we’d like to see it tackle…


Seeing Jimmy Smits in full subversive mode would be a treat and certainly add a much deeper feel to the storyline when he has to balance Senatorial with seditious duties.


Birth Of The Rebellion

As the TV show will reportedly be set between Revenge Of The Sith and A New Hope, the birth of the Rebellion movement absolutely has to be shown on screen.


Soldiers Of Fortune

As a very early teaser poster of the live-action series showed Boba Fett’s helmet, we can assume that bounty hunters could well be central players. And we would love it.


Expanding the universe

Although unlikely given Lucas’ apparent lack of concern for the extended universe, it would be nice to see characters such as Talon Karrde appear.


Return of the Jedi

We cannot see any possible way that a Star Wars series would be completely free of Jedi, or indeed Sith. Exactly how they would fit in, though, is another question entirely.