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Star Wars Live Action series

Sorry if any of this is already here. But I’m new here and this is what I have on this topic.

Lucas will offer Live Action first to Fox then to Warner Brothers.


Quotes from Lucas about the Live Action Show

How does it dovetail with the live-action TV series that you’ve announced?
Lucas – I’m just starting to work on the scripts now for the live-action TV series. We finished the first year of Clone Wars, [and] we’re in the middle of working on the second year. I’m finishing the scripts for the third year. And now I’m working on the scripts for the first year of the live-action show. [Smiles] So it’s a lot of scripts.

Where is the live-action one going to fit into the overall Star Wars narrative?
It’s completely separate. This one has all of the characters that everybody knows — everybody from Yoda to Anakin to Mace Windu to Obi-Wan — everybody’s there. The live-action has nobody there, because it’s after Episode III, so everybody’s dead, basically, or hiding somewhere. You hear about the Emperor, just like you do in Episode IV, but it’s mostly about a whole different world. I mean, there are a million stories in the big city — you’ve only seen one of them. [Laughs]

Yeah, but I guess there is stuff that you could imagine coming in between parts III and IV — for example, we never saw a young Han Solo.
No, well, this has nothing to do with those series. Some of the characters from the features find their way in there, so it’s not completely divorced. It’s as if we just went down the street and told a different story. You know, we were doing, I don’t know, 24, and now we’re going to move down the street here and do The Wire. Same thing, it’s just different people doing the same thing in the same city.

With the same Emperor.

And the same rules.
Yeah, all the same rules, all the same places, all the same stuff, and a lot of the same species. So it’s a familiar world, it’s just that you’re seeing a completely different side of it.

Do you have a network yet?
Not yet.

Are you still hoping for 100 episodes?
Yeah, I’m going to 100 episodes no matter what.

No, we haven’t gotten there yet.

Have you built any sets or done any mockups?
No, what we do in our TV series is we write the entire first year and finish it as a script. Then we start getting ready to shoot it, then we start casting, and then we do it. We know where the whole first year is before we even start to work on it. I mean, I can do that because I’m financing the whole thing. So I’ve got it pegged out for 100 episodes, and I know exactly what I’m going to do and how I’m going to do it and what the risks are.

How long will the episodes be?
They’re an hour. It’s a regular live-action TV series — you know, Law & Order. [Laughs and waits a beat] I hope.

So we’re talking a couple of years?
Yeah, it should take another couple years. The live-action TV series probably won’t go on until around 2010. It’ll take this year just to get through all the scripts and then another year to get them all shot.


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some more rumours:
The live-action show is going to end up on whatever network pays the most. However, I’ve heard they’re talking about the show being on HBO or even Showtime. Which jives with the slugline for the show…think Deadwood meets The Sopranos. Want a bit more? Could the live action show feature Gangsters? Could it follow the underworld of the Star Wars universe? Perhaps even a crime family? Have I said too much? Again, think Deadwood meets The Sopranos.

I LOVE the idea about the Black Sun being part of it.

STAR WARS Animated and Live-Action News – Collider Exclusive

STAR WARS Animated and Live-Action News – Collider Exclusive
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I’ll admit that I’ve fallen out of love with Star Wars.  If you knew me years ago, back when “Star Wars” was in my blood, you’d never think this could happen. But it did. And I’m not alone.

Just like many of you out there in cyberspace, there was a time when I lived and breathed “Star Wars.” I bought the figures, I went to conventions. Fact is, a lot of my money went into filling George Lucas’ bank accounts. Then, I don’t know if it was due to the shitty prequels or growing up, my priorities shifted and buying the latest action figure or spending time re-watching the old movies with friends didn’t have the same meaning. I knew one day it might happen, but it still felt very strange nonetheless. The best way I could describe it to you would be to say it felt like a girlfriend that you still loved with your heart and soul, but you no longer wanted to have sex with her, and you’d be cool if she slept around. Okay, maybe that’s a bit excessive, but hopefully you get my meaning.

So why am I babbling on about how I used to love Star Wars? It’s because as much as I think I can steer clear of Star Wars and all things Lucas, the fact is I still care. Just like a lot of you. While we might not care as much as we used to, when news happen in the Star Wars universe, you’d be surprised how many hits the articles get.

Which leads me to the news I’m about to write. After months of talking to different people, I’ve finally got something on the upcoming Star Wars animated and live-action shows.

As most of you have heard, George Lucas has been very involved in the creation of both shows. I’ve heard that he goes over all the scripts and gives many notes on both characters and plot points. While others might be directing the action, George is like the Emperor – overseeing everything. And even though that sounds very scary as the prequels didn’t please most fans, based on everything I’m hearing from inside the camp, both shows seem like they could be great.

Also, I’ve seen a bit of footage from the animated show (they premiered it at Celebration 4) and thought it looked fantastic. And as much as I liked the Genndy Tartakovsky Clone Wars animated show, what he did was based on an expanded universe version of Star Wars. Jedi’s could do things only superheroes could do, not things like what we saw in the movies. And that’s where the new shows do things differently.

In both the animated and live-action shows, the Jedi’s and the characters will act like what you’d see in the movies. And the reason for that? Both shows are going to be considered official cannon of the Star Wars universe. What happens on both shows would be like anything you’ve seen in any of the movies. That’s why Lucas is so involved, and that’s why it’s taken so much time to develop and get it right. This is also the reason why Warner Bros. can release a Clone Wars movie this summer, as the animated series is real Star Wars, so why not show it in theaters.

I’m also told there is a difference between the animated show and the live-action one. What I’m hearing is they are really trying to make Star Wars cool again. To do this, both shows are going to appeal to two different audiences. The animated show is definitely geared for kids, with the hope that adults will tune in. But, the live-action show is the one that us grownups are going to care about. While I’m still building my live-action story on what I’ve heard (and trust me, I’ve heard some things) as I type this article, Lucasfilm is hard at work developing the scripts and the stories for what will take place. So if I were to say exactly what I’ve heard and they changed it, I’d look like I didn’t know what I was talking about. Therefore I’ll wait a bit longer. Once I know for sure they’ll be filming certain things, I’ll post an update.

But for those that want the bullet points of what I’ve heard…

  • The live action and animated shows will be considered official canon of the star wars universe.
  • The live-action show is going to end up on whatever network pays the most. However, I’ve heard they’re talking about the show being on HBO or even Showtime. Which jives with the slugline for the show…think Deadwood meets The Sopranos. Want a bit more? Could the live action show feature Gangsters? Could it follow the underworld of the Star Wars universe? Perhaps even a crime family? Have I said too much? Again, think Deadwood meets The Sopranos.
  • The seasons for the live action show might be as short as 12 episodes… again…think Sopranos.
  • The show is definitely PG-13. I’ve heard it’ll be dark. It’s definitely not being made for kids.
  • The Skywalker story is finished. From what I’ve been told, their story is done and they aren’t on the live-action show at all. The show is new characters…with a few people you might know from the movies mixed in here and there.
  • And for those that don’t know….the animated show takes place between episodes two and three, while the live-action is between three and four. Obviously some storylines might take place outside of those times, but that’s where the primary action takes place. Just like while the live action might follow a crime family, there will be episodes that focus on other things.

Anyway, while many of you might try and pretend you don’t care about Star Wars, if Lucas creates a fun, action filled animated show… I definitely think the fans will tune in. And if they somehow manage to create a live-action show that kicks ass, they might actually repair the damage of the prequels and make Star Wars cool again. And as much as I don’t love Star Wars like I used to, I’d really like to see that happen.

And one last thing….the info in this story is based on what I’ve heard up to this point. Things change, storylines get altered. And I’m sure once this gets posted I’ll get some more emails or info. Needless to say, if anything changes or I hear something more I’ll post updates.