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Star Wars Rumors

???????Final Release – It is said that this edition will be released in a “Grand Saga” box set. Lucasfilm Vice President of Marketing Jim Ward confirmed that in this final release, Lucasfilm is likely to return to John Lowry to do even more work on the films (possibly digital contemporization of the original trilogy).

  • High Def – “As the technology evolves and we get into a high-definition platform that is easily consumable by our customers, the situation is much better, but there will always be work to be done.”

  • Bonus Material – Producer Rick McCallum has also explained that Lucasfilm has been holding back a large amount of bonus material for this release, including deleted scenes, as well as numerous previous Star Wars “making-ofs,” spin-offs, television specials, documentaries, and other special material.

  • The TV Show – The Star Wars live-action TV series is a science fiction television series currently set to debut in 2009. It will be an Expanded Universe production set in the fictional Star Wars galaxy. The project, which has yet to be given an official title, was first announced in April 2005 by Star Wars creator George Lucas at the “Celebration III” fan convention in Indianapolis, Indiana.
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    In 10 to 12 years from now Lucas and McCallum have said they want around 400 hours of TV time stories. (Can give you link to back that up) Now that’s 100 from the Clone Wars, 100 hours from the Live Action (LA) and if the LA works out 100 hours for a KotOR and 100 hours for a post OT story. That will mean in 12 year we will not be talking about the movies as a reference but the TV shows, like StarGate fans now do. There very well could be 420 or more hours of stories and only 16 of them from the movie. Fan will say because I complained about this or I always said that and the fans would take the credit from there being stories the way they wanted. But I now think this has been Lucas’s plan from some time and had to make the movies first and out of the way to make the TV shows.