Star Wars Live Action series

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The surprise for us, though, was that we found it (Mos Espa) bustling with activity. A number of labourers were renovating, repainting and building new buildings. Ironically, the effort to build these alien structures was done in a very human way; one man applied plaster with his bare hands, others sat and smoked in the shade of an alien hall.
One worker who spoke English, Farouk Ben Ibrahim, came forward to explain. Renovations began back in December, he said, after an Italian film producer contracted locals. “He gives us money, and we fix it,” Ibrahim said. “He said there is another part of Star Wars filming here. In the summer, maybe.”

Interesting, I will try to get a verification on that. My father has a friend who’s in charge of tourist excursions into Sahara and the other regions of south-Tunis, including the Mos Espa set, I’ll ask him about any of this.

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