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Lucas wants to film the live action series covering the “dark times” period of Star Wars lore between Episode 3 and Episode 4, in Prague, the capitol of the Czech Republic. He hopes to get a tax break from the government there. The series is intended to elaborate on the rebellion against the Empire whose head is Palpatine, a Sith Lord, (the Jedi’s greatest enemy, an anti-Jedi), but supposedly will not feature either the emperor or Darth Vader. However, there is always the possibility the series will focus on Vader’s hunt for the remaining Jedi that survived the purge in Revenge of the Sith. In any case, the primary characters will not be Jedi but ordinary beings from the Star Wars universe whose roles are usually overshadowed by the pivotal Jedi characters in all of the six movies.

There will be appearances by Obi Wan Kenobi and at least one other Jedi -Quinlan Vos, who never made an appearance in any of the prequels, but is a well known character in Star Wars universe graphic novels. It is unknown if Ewan McGregor will be the one to don the beard and cloak again to reprise his role of Obi Wan from the Prequel movies, but it seems unlikely since he has not been contacted to play the part. Boba Fett will also be a recurring character and Daniel Logan who played the young Boba Fett in Attack of the Clones is being considered to play the adult Boba.

Lucas plans on writing the first season and will then hand it off to a worthy successor, at this time it is unclear who that will be. Not only will there be one Star Wars television show for fans to relish, but eventually there will be several with plots that connect all of them together and tell the story of the dark times mentioned by Obi Wan in the first Star Wars movie ever made, A New Hope.

Rumors abound about whether or not they have started casting calls since George Lucas said he wouldn’t start casting until the script had been written, and it is unclear whether principal filming will take place in Prague or Sydney. However, the series will debut in 2010, a year earlier than planned, so it is likely the script is done and the casting is underway.

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