Man has my pal Jim over at MarketSaw got the scoop of the ages. Apparently from a source, which he says is a good one, George Lucas is toying with the idea of a new Star Wars trilogy in 3D.

“Jim here. Here is a strong rumor that should whet your appetites! (or sour them if you have had too much of the franchise). I have been hearing rumblings… extremely quiet at first, but now heating up significantly and from a trusted source – that George Lucas is preparing to unleash another STAR WARS trilogy upon us,this time in stereoscopic 3D. This is NOT the TV series, these are brand spankin’ new 3D STAR WARS movies.”

The story doesn’t end there as Lucas will not direct this new trilogy but just producing and that the source says Francis Ford Coppola is rumored to direct one and there is the assumption that Lucas’ longtime friend Spielberg may direct one or two.

This is wild but not far from out of the ordinary. Lucas is smart and knows loyal fans were less than happy with the prequel trilogies and its over-hyped, over marketed crap-fest. With the emergence of 3D he understands the how he bring his most prized possession into a whole new medium of visual candy. Star Wars has always been part of the cutting edge of film making so why wouldn’t continue to be? I also wonder if this will be the trilogy that will bring back the original cast (Hamil, Ford, Fisher) as a sequel trilogy set 20 or so years after the Return of the Jedi would be interesting to see. Shadows of the Empire, the continued rebuilding of the Jedi, etc. are all things that could be told. Also the case for this is not just the obvious in Avatar but the resurgence of Star Trek, oooh! I wonder if Abrams would direct one of the Star Wars in 3D? man that would be sick!

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