by Aaron Asadi

2120roj_key_d2-1220rgbRumours are whizzing around that the highly-anticipated Star Wars TV show now has its first writers attached. Currently, the favourite to be announced as one the TV series’ scribes is Australian TV producer and writer, John Edwards. If appointed, Edwards, who has been responsible for a clutch of successful domestic shows, including Out Of The Blue and Fireflies, will likely find himself under intense scrutiny from the most dedicated fanbase in the world.

Earlier this week, SciFiWire reported that “the show is assembling high-quality writers from the Aussie TV industry, including writers from Love My Way and Secret Life of Us, who have been approached by Lucas’ longtime producer Rick McCallum.” The news, rather predictably, set sci-fi forums ablaze, with some corners unconvinced by the calibre and suitability of the talent. Only time will tell if they are proved correct.

The Star Wars TV show will take place between the events of Episode III and Episode IV. In January last year producer Rick McCallum confirmed that Boba Fett “will be an instrumental part of the series”.

Stay tuned to for more updates and in the meantime why not check out our article on the five storylines we’d like to see the new show cover?

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