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Lucas Gearing UP

Lucas Gearing Up Live-Action ‘Star Wars’ TV Show?

by Cinematical staff

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Over on SciFi Squad, Mike Moody debuts his new weekly column called TV Geek Week, which will not only talk about the latest and greatest news in geeky TV land, but will also take a look at what fanboy-ish goodies are arriving on the boob tube this week. Check it:

Is George Lucas finally moving ahead with that promised live-action Star Wars TV show? Sources say yes. Sources also say the show will be produced in Australia by a hand-picked crew of Aussie TV vets. And we might even get to see it before the end of 2010. But I got a question: Do we really want a live-action Star Wars TV show?

Well, yeah, of course we do. For most of us, the original Star Wars trilogy was a thrilling entry point into the bizarre and inspiring world of science fiction. For an ’80s kid like me, Star Wars was nothing less than a dazzling blast of awesome that I couldn’t get out of my head. There was nothing cooler. (I wore the sh*t outta my Yoda jammies.) I’d love to see a Star Wars TV show deliver the same unpolished pluck, heart and spirit of the original trilogy, but we all know that’s not gonna happen.

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Michael Pinto writes

tout01Over the last few hours I’ve been following rumors of a Star Wars live action television series which will be shot in Australia — well I’ve just confirmed from a source who has a friend that works at ILM that this rumor is in fact true! My understanding from what I’ve been able to gather is that the series will be high quality and tap into local talent from Australia from well know film people to science fiction writers. The series is suppose to be aimed at adults (unlike the previous cartoon series) and focus on relationships and emotional landscapes — which means that it might be in more of the “chick flick” tradition.

I’d trust Lucas to not let this series get too silly — but frankly it comes down to the team they put on it. Although my hopes are are what we’ll see will fall more in the tradition of this: