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Gay Characters in Star Wars?

Well sure, these two characters never got it on, but that didn’t stop
Luke from going over to the dark side with his tight lipped sisiter.

Maybe the new Star Wars TV show will have bit more diversity with
visions of love as is it seems to have for cross-kissing aliens.

Here is a little video poking fun at the gay subplots MISSING from SW:

Live Action Series: Casting Begins?

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At last, whispers in the dark about the live action TV series! According to the MTV Movies Blog, Rose Byrne (Dorme on Attack of the Clones) reveals casting is currently in progress for the anticipated Lucas project. “A lot of my friends have been auditioning for it,” she states. This was during a promotional event for the film “Knowing” starring Nicolas Cage.

This is very interesting news indeed. It’s hard to speculate on casting candidates without knowing what characters are being cast, but more news bits are sure to be forthcoming.

Star Wars Live Action series

George Lucas to shoot Star Wars TV series at Sydney’s Fox Studios
SYDNEY remains filmmaker George Lucas’ favoured location to shoot his much-hyped Star Wars spin-off TV series.
The sci-fi TV series will likely be filmed at Sydney’s FOX Studios.
“We’re looking to shoot it in Australia,” Lucas told a press conference at his Big Rock ranch, the site for his new animation studio, north of San Francisco.
If given the green light, the live action Star Wars offshoot will be one of the most expensive TV productions made in Australia and create hundreds of acting and crew jobs for the local industry.
There was speculation the as yet untitled series would begin shooting next year, but it may be pushed back to 2010.
Lucas has employed two Australian scriptwriters to pen the series and continues to work on “getting all of the technology worked out” to make the show.
The 63-year-old director, writer and producer, who revolutionised cinema with 1977’s Star Wars, is no stranger to Sydney.
He made 2002’s Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones and 2005’s Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith at Fox Studios.
“It is going ahead,” Lucas confirmed.
“We’re in the process of writing screenplays right now.
“It’s going to take a while because it’s really hard to do.”
The series will not follow the regular Star Wars storylines, instead focusing on the “lower levels of life” of Lucas’ Star Wars world.
“It has nothing to do with the Skywalker saga,” Lucas said.
“None of the Skywalkers or anything.
“This is what I call a little footnote to the Skywalker saga.
“… It is about the lower levels of life, the lower depths.
“They hear about the fact it is no longer a republic and now it’s an empire, but they are from a world where none of that really means too much to them.”
Lucas’ Australian fans will not have to wait for the TV series for a new Star Wars adventure.
The filmmaker is set to release his first animated feature film, Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

OK most of the this is the same but it is nice to see some news on this.
I think a lot is riding on the Clone Wars TV show for this.

Five storylines we’d like to see in the Star Wars TV show

by Aaron Asadi

The Force only knows when we’ll eventually see Lucas’ highly-anticipated TV spin-off of Star Wars, so in the meantime we’ve compiled a list of the five storylines we’d like to see it tackle…


Seeing Jimmy Smits in full subversive mode would be a treat and certainly add a much deeper feel to the storyline when he has to balance Senatorial with seditious duties.


Birth Of The Rebellion

As the TV show will reportedly be set between Revenge Of The Sith and A New Hope, the birth of the Rebellion movement absolutely has to be shown on screen.


Soldiers Of Fortune

As a very early teaser poster of the live-action series showed Boba Fett’s helmet, we can assume that bounty hunters could well be central players. And we would love it.


Expanding the universe

Although unlikely given Lucas’ apparent lack of concern for the extended universe, it would be nice to see characters such as Talon Karrde appear.


Return of the Jedi

We cannot see any possible way that a Star Wars series would be completely free of Jedi, or indeed Sith. Exactly how they would fit in, though, is another question entirely.

In 10 to 12 years from now Lucas and McCallum have said they want around 400 hours of TV time stories. (Can give you link to back that up) Now that’s 100 from the Clone Wars, 100 hours from the Live Action (LA) and if the LA works out 100 hours for a KotOR and 100 hours for a post OT story. That will mean in 12 year we will not be talking about the movies as a reference but the TV shows, like StarGate fans now do. There very well could be 420 or more hours of stories and only 16 of them from the movie. Fan will say because I complained about this or I always said that and the fans would take the credit from there being stories the way they wanted. But I now think this has been Lucas’s plan from some time and had to make the movies first and out of the way to make the TV shows.