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The Palpatines Won the War

And in the end, the Palpatines won. They literally buried the Skywalker legacy in the sands of Tatooine, and took over their land, their family home and assumed their legacy, even going so far as to take their name.

Rey was no angel. Kylo had a heart. Heroes on both sides, goes the scroll. Villains too. War leaves none blameless. The final message of Star Wars is total annihilation of one’s enemies and the appropriation of their valor.

Darth Binks

Clone Wars Commentary

guess at locations

Mon Calamari


Italian Report on Star Wars

Translated from Italian by Yoda in March 2011, this was:

Star Wars even more than cats in longevity. While in Wellington it is proposed the documentary “The People vs. George Lucas” , nice overview on the whole question of Western genius and creativity of the author’s fans, Lego announced that the month will be released on the third computer game dedicated to the saga of the Jedi in 3d and the remastering of the episode one, ” The Phantom Menace “will be available to fans in February 2012.

To date, eight projects closely related to the family Skywalker in constant struggle with the dark side of force. Six films, an animated series for three seasons in 2008 has created a film filling all the wars and political intrigues, from Coruscant to Naboo, passed between the second and the third episode of the first trilogy. Not to mention the saga of the Ewok, the friendly bears who gave hospitality to Princess Leia and company in “The Return of the Jedi” was among the first examples of spin-off film or how to squeeze the cow to the end especially when the bottom is not reached .
But to keep the suspense fans and showbiz in recent months are the constant rumors about the new adventure set in the universe created by George Lucas in the fabulous ’70s. New film or TV series? In late October 2010 the site IESB , had good relations with the father of a thousand people, is reporting that Lucas is working on a new subject for a film set after the fall of the Empire, no member of the Skywalker family, and perhaps with the recovery of the illegal order Jedi .

To precede the entries on the coveted new film as we think in August the creation of the television series . A promise Phantom of the director, writer, producer, special effects wizard, launched back in 2005 at a convention of fans in Indianapolis. The Bible series is focused on the years that pass between “Revenge of the Sith” and the proto film “A New Hope.” Fifteen – twenty years or between Padmé and Anakin and the growth of Luke and Leia. Unfortunately, no lightsabers, the Jedi are nearly extinct, except Yoda and Obi Wan in voluntary exile, to Tatooine to watch over young Luke. Perhaps a story about Boba Fett, the renegade of the galaxies.

Years went by and the promises remain. In 2007 here is the name of the manufacturer. Richard McCallum, Lucas’ buddy along for producing “The Young Indiana Jones “, but most of all is the man behind” Undercover “, the video of the Rolling Stones named by MTV the best product of 80 years. McCallum becomes large and is able to say that these ideas can create 4000 episodes, for years and years of planning. HD cameras, a million dollars the cost of each episode, the principal location in Sydney with an agent already in pre-production and especially the name of a director. Welsh James Marquand, son of Richard already behind the camera episode six.

Exactly two years ago someone off balance, even on the casting. Rose Byrne, nice handmaiden of Natalie Portman in episode two, tells MTV that the cast is already open and that some of his friends have already participated. Now Lucas and denials in 2009 that says that everything will start in 2010 and 2010, work is not taking place before 2011. What is certain is that Ewan McGregor will be there, if anything you can say for sure. Given the crisis in Ireland, never say never. There may be, as to be no Hayden Christensen , Anakin the beautiful blonde, a Canadian who has just a bit ‘of hunger back by her grandmother in Naples to get to cook the meat sauce. Yes, blood is what led the Neapolitan balance in the force long ago in a galaxy far, far away, pace of machismo League.

To date, what is certain is only the presence of George Lucas, just two days ago, the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom. An old dispute with Andrew Ainsworth, the creator of the clothing empire of the legionnaires. The costume designer continues to produce them and sell them, but George is called copyright. The fans there are and how to continue the saga of the brave Italian Dark Resurrection . The universe is expanding, let alone that of Coruscant. That universe, in principle even snubbed by Brian De Palma, whose rights Lucas traded accepting the union pay. Recently two economists Neapolitans have set up a theory that goes on the market thanks to the most deprived, and not calculated because you throw more. Will fans of Star Wars ?

Luke’s Change: Death Star False Flag?

I knew it! I just knew it!
Sooner or later a mashup of Star Wars and the 911 Truthers would appear. And this well-done lampoon of the Loose Change documentary is called Luke’s Change. And rather than debunk any 911 theories, this seems to call Star Wars truths into question – much like the prequels and Clone Wars did. What can a poor galactic citizen really believe anymore?

Official story is subject to critique. Critique is lampooned. Lampoon becomes offiical story?

Popularity Contest

The official site is polling the populous for their favorite characters.  Here’s my prediction of what everybody will think:

Therefore we should all expect a movie with Han Solo, Boba Fett, Darth Vader and R2D2.


The Betrayal of Mace Windu

There’s something about Mace Windu that has not yet been revealed: he is a traitor to the Jedi!  Not a Sith, for we know that he opposes the rule of the Dark Side Adepts, but he also opposes the corrupt senate, Republic and ultimately the Jedi Order that defends it.  An apparently reluctant proponent of the idea that the Jedi could rule in place of the politicians, he ultimately battles Palpatine for that very prize!



Sansweet Luke, Han and Leia in the new animated series

Not many details have surfaced about the new Seth Green Star Wars comedy series that was recently announced. However, in the IGN Theater at Chicago’s C2E2 convention, Lucasfilm Director of Fan Relations Steve Sansweet gave fans a nugget of information about what characters might be involved in the show.

During the Q&A section of the panel, a fan said, “I would really love to see new adventures after Jedi with our favorite characters Luke, Han and Leia,” to which Sansweet replied, “And you will, in the new animation.”

This should stoke the fires of fan speculation. Although the Seth Green/Matthew Seinrich (Robot Chicken) series is decidedly a comedic take on the Star Wars Universe, Sansweet’s comments are the first confirmation that it would tackle events post “Yub Nub.”

Silent Film Star Wars


The general consensus in the nerd community is that The Empire Strikes Back is the best in the six-part Star Wars saga. But what if it were made in the 1920’s? Anachronisme answers that question for you with a few effects presets and some title cards.

The video is pretty fun to watch albeit a little boring– it’s the same scenes we’ve seen, after all, just in black and white. The soundtrack has been recreated in true silent film form, rounding out this brief video.